Computerization of PACS

In order to make PACS self-reliant in tune with ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan’, the Government of India (GoI) has, on 29th June 2022 approved the Centrally Sponsored Project for Computerisation of Primary Agricultural Credit Societies for a period of five years from 2022-23 to 2026-27. 63000 PACS were targeted to be benefited under the scheme, with total budget outlay of Rs. 2516 Cr., across the country. This project entails bringing all the functional PACS onto an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) based common software, linking them with NABARD through State Cooperative Banks (StCBs) and District Central Cooperative Banks (DCCBs). The scheme is funded by the Ministry of Cooperation and NABARD is the implementing agency for the same.

Objectives of the Scheme:

  • Increasing the efficiency of the operations of PACS.
  • Speedy disbursal of loans, lowering of transaction costs, reducing imbalances in payments.
  • Seamless accounting with DCCBs and StCBs and increase transparency. 
  • Enhancing trustworthiness in the working of PACS among farmers. 
  • Implementation of Common Accounting System (CAS) and Management Information System (MIS) enabling PACS to carry out their operations online and obtain refinance/ loans for their various activities from NABARD through DCCBs and StCBs.

Components under the scheme:

There are 3 components of assistance to the PACS:

  • Hardware – Each PACS under the scheme will be given a computer, webcam, VPN, printer and biometric device. This would enable the rest of the steps to be complete. 
  • NLPS (National Level PACS Software)/ ERP – An ERP is being developed for the PACS which will enable it to digitise its day-to-day functions, provide better services to the members and proper reconciliation of its accounts. NABARD has on boarded the National Level PACS Software Vendor (NLPSV) who is developing the ERP modules.
  • System Integrator – Each PACS will be assigned an SI which will help the PACS to digitise its legacy data, adapt the ERP and customise the ERP as per the state’s policies. 

Components of NLPS/ ERP

  • First Hand Report (FHR) – Preparation and submission of As-Is for each of the PACS is in the form of FHR.
  • Field Visit Report (FVR) – This will capture the findings of the visits by the StCBs / DCCBs in collaboration with the SI and will help in the preparation of To-Be for each PACS.
  • Digital Communication Tool (DCT) – This will collect, prepare and digitize all the PACS data including legacy data from PACS up to current date.
  • ERP Go-live –  This stage will install NLPS or enable system readiness for web based NLPS solution, as the case may be to enable the PACS to go-live on the ERP system.


For details on Corrigendum dated 12.06.2023 to the Project Guidelines of the Computerization of PACS Project, please click below:


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